Pastor Bill Cordrey
Just a quick word for those curious about me. I was born in Ohio and
raised just north of Nashville, Tennessee. My parents were both
strong Christians. I attended the University of Tennessee at
Chattanooga and earned a BS in Business Management with a
concentration in Accounting. I minored in Philosophy. I graduated in
1987, when I moved to Atlanta to work for the GAO-the investigative
arm of Congress. (Click here for
GAO's web page if you're interested).  
After 10 years as an 'evaluator' for the GAO I took the exam to become
a CPA and started performing financial audits for the GAO - that's
what I do professionally now.  I've audited a lot of federal programs
including military electronic warfare systems (the things that keep
Navy planes from being shot down), Navy inventory management
(how Navy keeps up with its stuff), federal student loan program
(who fails to pay, why, and what can be done about it), federal disaster
recovery efforts (such as for hurricanes), and operations at the Internal
Revenue Service.
My testimony
As I said in the introduction, I was raised in a Christian home, and I don't ever remember a time
when I didn't know about and believe in God and His son Jesus. I heard Bible stories before I was
born and lived it right up through High School. But then I got to thinking seriously abut God and all
the stuff I was learning about in school - evolution and cave men, and life on other planets and the
like. How did all that fit in with God and the Bible?

So I started asking around about how things fit. The answer I got was, "You just have to have faith,
you can't prove God or the Bible." Like - "Just ignore the facts, believe in God."  Well I just couldn't
ignore the "facts" so I drifted away from Christianity. Not really far, but far enough. College was a
wasteland for my faith and God grew more distant from me.

I graduated college and God began calling me back. I wasn't looking for Him, but out of His love He
was looking for me! He slowly removed from me every shred of self-sufficiency so I would know
that He alone was God and that I was in desperate need of Him.

So I started looking and reading and studying. I read the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, parts of the
Book of Mormon, "Science and Health" and a bunch of other world religion books.  None of them
held up to scrutiny. I couldn't "prove" any of them. There was no substance behind them.

Then I started studying the Christian Bible and books about the Bible. I found that the answers to
all my questions about God and science and life and love and creation and happiness were all out
there if anyone cared to look. I found my answers and God re-claimed my life. Now I KNOW there
is a God in heaven that created us and loves us.  Now I know God is real and that faith is based on
Fact, not in contradiction to fact. Evolution's a lie and the promises of this world are empty.

If you're lost, lonely, and wondering, I know just where you're at. Please don't give up. There are
good, sound, reasonable answers to life's questions. You just have to ask. I try to follow Peter's
admonition, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for
the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect." I Peter 3:15

God loves you - He's not hiding.
Piper, my lovely wife
Piper and I met in college where she was getting a BS in Nursing. We were married right after she
graduated. Besides being a great youth teacher, she's a nurse for
Children's Healthcare of
Atlanta.Piper didn't want her picture here, so just pretend - make up what you think she looks like!
About Me
Rock Bridge Student Ministry
with Pastor Bill
About 1998 I felt God begin to move me into ministry and so I attended Luther Rice Seminary
(click here for
Luther Rice's web page). I graduated with a Masters degree in Theology and Biblical
Studies.  In 2005 Glover called me to be their Associate Pastor to Students and in May of 2006 I
was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel.  So, here I am...