If you know there's something missing in
your life and you need God's help, here are
some simple steps to help lead you to

 All of us sin: The Bible says that all of us
have done things that God told us not to do.
 That's called sin. (Romans 3:23)  Sin has
separated us from God's love  (Isaiah 59:2)

Sin has a price: The Bible says that the
wages (price) of sin is death -- eternal
separation from God. (Romans 6:23)

God loves you: The Bible says even
though we have all sinned, God wants to
have a relationship with you that will last
forever.  (John 3:16)

Jesus paid the price for your sin: The
Bible says that to make it possible for us to
come to God, Jesus paid our penalty.  He
died for us so we could be restored to God.
 (Romans 5:8)  

God forgives sin: If you accept Jesus'
payment, God will forgive you and restore
the relationship between you.  We call this
"being saved." (1 John 1:9, Romans

Jesus is the only way: Jesus said no
one could get to God except through Him.
(John 14:6)
How to Know Jesus
Rock Bridge Student Ministry
with Pastor Bill
Only One Way...
If you want to accept Jesus as your savior,
all you have to do is ask.  You can talk to
God right now.  He's listening.  All it takes is
a simple prayer like this one:

    "God, I believe you love me,
    because the Bible says you do.  But
    I know I have sinned.  I'm sorry I've
    sinned. I need you to forgive me.  I
    want to accept Jesus' payment for
    my sins so that you can forgive me.  
    I want Jesus to be my Savior, and I
    want to live like you want me to live.  
    Thank you God - Amen."

It's just that simple!  And if you really mean
it when you pray those words to God, you're
forgiven.  You become a member of the
family of God!  

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