TRAJECTORY: It's Where You're Going
Trajectory...Thats what we call our Wednesday night gatherings.   If you
look "Trajectory" up in a dictionary, it might have something like this:
The path of a projectile or other moving body through space; an imagined
trace of positions followed by an object such as the orbit of a spacecraft.
So Trajectory is a course or path or direction.  It's where you're going. And that's what our
group is all about. Your life in set on a certain path or course. Your choices and decisions have
set a trajectory for your life. So we ask the question, "Where's your life headed? If you stay on
this path, where will it take you in five years?" You see, thoughts and actions have
consequences - they take you places. They make you do things or say things. Sometimes we
make those decisions without much thought for where they're taking us tomorrow.

But our God is a God of eternity. To God, it's not about where you've been or even where you
are, it's about where you're headed - what's your trajectory. Are your actions leading you
toward God or toward sin? Bob Dylan wrote a song that says, "You're gonna have to serve
somebody. Now it may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve

So our Youth group adopted this as the focus of what we do:
To Change the trajectory of Students’ lives through a personal
and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and His family.
What does that all mean?
  • Changing the trajectory = alter the destination (heaven or hell/ joy or depression/ service
    or selfishness). What do we need to do to connect students with Jesus? That’s the
    trajectory or path they are walking.
  • Of Student’s lives = focused effort on students and their lives, not just church or classes.
    Not just head knowledge, but real heart faith that will last their whole lives.
  • Through a Personal relationship = Students must come to accept Jesus. Evangelism.
    Reaching students. Making Christ real to students in their everyday life. Real relationship,
    not just church attendance.
  • Through a Deepening relationship = Discipleship. Growth. Bible study and prayer that is
    real leading to worship and good works/service (Ministry).
  • With Jesus Christ = everything we do must point to Jesus, even if it is “just fun.”  He is
    the only One who can really change the trajectory of students’ lives.
  • And His family = growth as a group through friendships and fun. (but all for a purpose).
    God put us in community, in Family so we would grow through Fellowship.
GRACE Trajectory